The Compliance Platform for
the Buy Now, Pay Later Industry

Ensuring regulatory and brand compliance across merchants and channels has never been more important.


The proliferation of merchants and marketing channels to approve and monitor, has made compliance increasingly difficult. Add in changing regulations and it can feel impossible. Empower your organization with PerformLine to find and mitigate compliance risk across your marketing channels, including merchant partners.

See how PerformLine is helping BNPL companies like yours thrive, by making marketing compliance scalable, actionable, and efficient.

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blue_lady_background_jobbies (1) PerformLine-platform-social-media-blobs-1


Omni-Channel Compliance - One Platform

Leverage our automated compliance technology and extensive rulebooks to onboard merchants quickly and monitor your program across multiple channels: websites, social media, call centers, messages, and email.

Discover Unknown Places of Brand Promotion

Discover any unknown web pages or social media posts that could be putting your organization at risk using our proprietary crawler—the Kraken.

Remediate and Document Compliance Observations Effortlessly

Quickly and easily remediate compliance observations from your merchant partners via the Workflow tool and document remediations directly in the platform.


PL-jobbies-4-1 PL-Merchant-vetting-person
PL-jobbies-4-1 PL-Merchant-vetting-person
Merchant Vetting

Using PerformLine technology, vet new merchant partners by scanning and scoring their subdomains within a matter of minutes, ensuring they’re compliant with regulations and your brand guidelines from day one.

PL-jobbies-4-1 PL-Automated-Monitoring
PL-jobbies-4-1 PL-Automated-Monitoring
Automatic Monitoring

Use Web and Social Media Monitoring to quickly monitor and score all of your merchant partners' websites and social media accounts for regulatory and brand compliance, to ensure accurate ongoing representation and promotion.

PL-jobbies-4-1 PL-Benefits-custom-rulebooks
PL-jobbies-4-1 PL-Benefits-custom-rulebooks
Rulebook Customization

Our proprietary rulebooks are ready to use out-of-the-box and cover all regulatory guidelines applicable to the industry, such as Truth in Lending Act (TILA), Regulation Z, and UDAAP—but are also configurable to your brand-specific guidelines and preference

PL-jobbies-4-1 PL-Benefits-new-materials
PL-jobbies-4-1 PL-Benefits-new-materials
New Materials Review

Using Document Review, proactively review and score new merchant partner marketing materials against your rules to provide fast and accurate pass/fail verdicts, increasing the volume and scope of review.

See PerformLine in Action
West Creek is a proud customer of PerformLine’s compliance platform (and their Kraken web crawler) that we use to continuously monitor all of our merchant partners' advertising as well as to send remedial actions, warnings, etc. as needed.
Andrew Ting, West Creek Financial
Hear what other clients have to say about PerformLine
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Automatically scale onboarding and monitor your merchant network

Quickly scale coverage of your merchant network to monitor, identify, and remediate potential risk. Get comprehensive reporting to satisfy internal and external compliance obligations—all without the need to hire more headcount.


A Buy Now, Pay Later Leaders Success Story

A leading Buy Now, Pay Later firm needed a way to scale to full-coverage monitoring of their merchant partner network - and ditch their slow, manual partner onboarding and remediation process. PerformLine allowed them to be more efficient, provide responsive reporting and scale as they grow.


Read Their Story



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